Back at school, Mzi threw his backpack onto the bed and swore, pulling his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans. William looked up from his iPad and flicked his hair out of his eyes. ‘What’s up Mzi? And why are you still here?’ he asked, mildly interested. Mzi threw himself onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. William continued to watch Mzi, waiting for his response with eyebrows raised. Mzi hit the bed with his arms in frustration and then sat up. ‘That infernal Isla!’ he shouted.

‘I see,’ said William, although he didn’t. He decided to wait for more information. Mzi stood up and began to pace the room. ‘Why can’t she just leave me alone? It’s clearly over. We are done. Finished. Caput!’ shouted Mzi, more to himself than to William. William nodded in agreement, but said nothing.

‘She makes me nervous and then I do stupid things. I just saw her in the bus queue and then I thought I’d lost my wallet. She walks up to me and tells me it’s in my jeans. And there it is!’ cried Mzi in frustration. ‘Oh, and then she says I have to tell you some stupid story about how Karabz is going to visit your mother in town or something!’ continued Mzi, flapping his arms.

‘What?’ said William, sitting up. ‘What did Isla say?’ he demanded. Mzi stopped in his tracks, ‘She said, “tell William that Karabo is making us visit his mother.” Something about a dream?’ Mzi repeated, raising his eyebrows, watching William’s face go from mild interest to white shock.

‘Do you know what she’s talking about?’ Mzi asked. It slowly began to dawn on him that Isla’s message was important to William, and actually had nothing to do with Mzi, or Isla, at all. William blinked slowly and then suddenly threw his iPad

aside and got up. ‘I’m going to my mom’s,’ he stated, as he began scratching for his wallet and car keys on his bedside table. ‘Want me to come along?’ Mzi asked. He wasn’t sure why he asked, but it just came out of his mouth. He supposed he still wanted to go to town and buy a few things. ‘Ya sure, whatever,’ said William, ‘Let’s go.’ Mzi picked up his bag and wallet and followed William out the dorm and back to the parking lot.


Question: Why do you think William is so upset about Karabo visiting his mother?