Lebo was very upset. “I have to go find Mpho! What if something’s happened to her?” 

“Hold up, Lebz,” Sbu stopped her. “You can’t run out in the middle of school. If you wait til afterwards, I’ll go with you.” 

“Yeah, me too,” Yankee said. The two boys eyed each other out, like growling dogs looking for a fight. 

“Actually, Sbu, you might not want to do that,” Song said. 

“What? Why?”

“It’s pretty sensitive. She’ll be embarrassed enough without having to deal with some strange guys tagging along.” 

“Exactly!” Airtime agreed. “I feel skaam enough about having seen that pic, never mind having to talk to her about it.”

“It’ll be a girl thing,” Song said, with a lot more confidence than she felt. “I’ll go with Lebo. We’ll find out what the deal is and sort it out.” 

The truth was that she was dreading having to talk to Mpho. It was going to be so awkward.

“Aight, I DO have soccer practice. And I promised to see K8” Sbu was relieved to be off the hook. 

“And I’d like to check something out,” Yankee said, fiddling with his phone. “See if I can find out who sent it.”

Just then, the bell rang for class.

“Okay, Lebo, so I’ll meet you here after school,” Song said. “Just try not to let it get to you. We’ll figure it out, kay?”

Lebo looked unhappy. “I’ll try.” 

Lebo and Yankee headed up the stairs towards their classroom. Yankee put his arm around her. 

“I don’t trust that guy,” Sbu said, glaring after them.

“I hear ya,” Airtime said, “Never trust a guy who can beatbox! It’s like some mutant superpower, like Spiderman or something.” 

“You are so out there, Airtime,” Song shook her head. “Give Yankee a chance, Sbu. He’s trying to help.” 

“I still don’t trust him,” Sbu grumbled. 

Image: Sam Wilson, CC-BY

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Why do you think Sbu is suspicious about Yankee?