They found Sbu’s younger sister, Lebo, hanging out at the other end of the schoolyard under a tree. She was with a couple of girls Sbu recognised and a boy he’d never seen before, wearing a Fubu cap slung low over his eyes. 

Lebo was rapping, pretending to hold a microphone, while the boy was beatboxing for her, his hands clasped over his mouth. 

“One of those days at school, feeling kinda whack   

Homework payload hits you like a heart attack  

Makes me want to run away, I want to hide

Maybe become some housewife bride

Don’t need no education

Life could be a vacation

But then I’d have no meaningful vocation

Have to work at a gas station

Or live off government donations

Dealing with the sadness and frustration

Of seeing all my dreams go – poof! – up in smoke

All my friends laughing cos my life is a sad joke.”

Lebo finished up the rap and waved at her brother. “Sho, bhuti, what’s up? Have you met my friend, Yankee?” she said, indicating the boy in the Fubu cap.

“What’s up, Yankee?” Sbu said, distracted. “Hey, Lebo, we wanted to ask you” 

But Airtime interrupted. “Where did you learn to rap like that? You guys are dope!” 

“You liked it?” Lebo was pleased. “That was nothing, just a bit of freestyling.” 

“Tight! Fo real!” Airtime said. “You guys want to be on my bobcast?”

“Podcast,” Song corrected him. “And that’s a great idea!” 

“But that’s not why we’re here,” Sbu said patiently. “Lebo, we need you to look at a pic.” 

“Is it a hot pic?” Yankee asked.

Sbu, Airtime and Song all turned to look at him, shocked and suspicious. 

“How did you know?” Sbu said.

Image: 3rdeyek, CC-BY

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