Song and Airtime looked at Sbu in shock and then back down at the MMS of the teenage girl. 

“What do you mean you know who she is?” Songezwa asked him. 

“She’s one of my sister’s buddies. uMpho.”

“So this isn’t some random pic off the net?” Airtime was shocked. “Check the number, Song.” 

“It’s not in my phonebook,” Song said, checking the number on her phone. “I’ll message back.”

She typed in the message. “Who r u? Y did u snd me dis msg?” 

No reply came. 

“Okay, clearly it’s a wrong number,” Airtime said, nervously. “Mpho is probably feelin’ really skaam and you should just delete it and we can move the hell on, hook up a new graffiti throw-up, hit the books, chill, you know.” 

Airtime kept talking. “I mean, that pic could be seen as porn, right? You could get expelled! Not that I wouldn’t be chuffed if my woman sent me a hot pic like that, but it’s also a bit dodge, you know, and that’s assuming I even had a girlfriend. But, it’s really none of our business and-“

“Thula, Airtime!” Song and Sbu said at the same time. 

Airtime clamped his hands over his mouth. “Askies. Got carried away.” 

“Okay, maybe it isn’t any of our business”  Song said.

“See, just delete it. Done.” Airtime chipped in.

“Mara it’s someone we know!” Sbu said. 

“And if someone was sending out dodgy photos of me, I’d want to know about it,” Song said. 

“We should have a word with my sister,” Sbu said. “Tactfully.” 

Image: Sam Wilson, CC-BY

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Should Song just delete the picture and forget about it?