Back at school, Sbu was having some phone trauma of his own. 

It stared with a one word SMS from K8 during break. 

K8> Sorry?

Like that was going to fix everything? Sbu SMSed back. 

SBU> Not gud enuf. u sed sum hctic stuf

K8> I MEANT are YOU ready to say sorry yet for being such a jerk. But obviously NOT!

SBU> Wot? ur crazy. Forget it.

K8>Whatever. Forget u! Punk! 

“Nghhhhhhhhhh!” Sbu said and kicked the wall in frustration, hard. It hurt. A lot. “Ow,” he said and hopped around rubbing his toe. 

“Never get into a fight with someone bigger and more concrete than you,” Airtime said. “That’s how I roll.” 

“You’d be kicking walls too if you had to deal with K8 for a girlfriend!” 

“I thought y’all broke up.” 

“We did. I think we did. I don’t know. It’s complicated.”

“If you’re still fighting, it ain’t over.” 

“She thinks I should say sorry when she’s the one who sommer left me on the side of the highway and drove away! And anyway, she’s a racist,” Sbu muttered.

“What? That’s the dumbest thing you have ever said! And trust me, guy, you have said some pretty dumb things in all the years I’ve known you. If there’s one thing K8 is definitely, absolutely, completely not – it’s a racist.”

“Then why did she want me to go for an HIV test?”

“Duh. So you could have sex without having to worry about it?”

“Yeah, but – “

“No wait,” Airtime interrupted. “There’s lots of things to freak out about. Like other sexually transmitted diseases. Some of those are really nasty, like really, really nasty. Disgusting oozing sores and dripping and just eugh! And pregnancy! Imagine, you as a baby daddy. Talk about a serious slowdown. A shorty is a major responsibility. You want to raise them right, you know.”

“I don’t really want to -“

Airtime babbled on. “And then there’s all the other stuff. Like, how do you really know you’re ready for sex at all? It’s not like it ain’t no thang, you know. All those emotions involved. It’s hectic”

“I get it!” Sbu yelled. “Please, stop talking.” 

“Aight, aight, sheesh.” Airtime held up his hands. “Just trying to help.”   

Just then, Yankee came running round the corner and nearly tripped over them. “There you are! Quick, it’s happening right now!”

“What’s happening?” Airtime asked. 

“Hektikboi is taking pics up the skirts of girls walking over a bridge. He’s doing it right now, posting them live! We can bust him!” 

Image: Sam Wilson, CC-BY

WHAT DO YOU THINK: How do you know when you’re ready for sex?