“What am I going to tell her?” Airtime asked, walking backwards.

It was the next morning, and he was walking with Sbu towards Song’s house. He was full of nervous energy and he kept on walking too fast and overtaking Sbu, but rather than slowing down and letting Sbu catch up, he had turned around so he could talk to Sbu without stopping.

“Just tell her the truth,” said Sbu.

“Fo sho,” said Airtime. “Of course I’m going to tell her that the camera was stolen. But can’t I just say there were more robbers? With swords? And I fought them all off with my bare fists, and told them ‘you can take my life, but you’ll never take Song’s camera,’ but one of them came up behind me, and hit me on the head, and when I woke up I was tied up and hanging over a pit of spikes and the camera had gone…”

“Uh-uh,” said Sbu. “Just tell her the way it went down, exactly the way it went down.”

“Aight,” said Airtime. “It’s not a very good story though… Ow,” he said, tripping backwards over the curb.

– – –

Song was furious.

“I told you to look after the camera! I told you how important it was!”

“I’m sorry,” said Airtime. “I didn’t want to be robbed.”

“Then why were you taking a taxi after dark? Why didn’t you go home with Sbu?”

Airtime opened and closed his mouth.

“I didn’t think- “

“You never think, Airtime!” said Song. “Never! You just make your jokes and you laugh your way through your life and you never think about what you’re doing or how much it costs everyone else!”

“Hey now, hold up!” said Airtime. “Not fair. I’m going to pay for a new camera, even if it takes me twenty years.”

“I don’t have twenty years!” said Song. “One way or another they’ll make me pay for that camera, and I can’t afford it, not while I’m looking after my mother. So you can say sorry all you want, but if you’re not helping me get a new camera then get out!”

Image: Craig Cloutier, CC-BY-SA

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