I was super-amped when K8 said we were going to watch the game! Benefits of dating a girl with rich parents, you know what I’m saying? Only to be totally down when she said it was going to be at the fan park and not some VIP viewing venue via her dad’s connections, you know, with free drinks and snacks and celebrities. I was cut, bra, but whatever.

I shouldn’t have been really surprised. K8’s folks may be loaded, but it’s not like she’s some rich kid. They expect her to work for pocket money and pay her own university fees and stuff, just like my parents. So, I do understand why she’s so excited about the bursary for Rhodes. But just once, I wish her dad had come through!

NEway, when we got to the Grand Parade I changed my mind completely.

The vibe was tight!

Thousands of people were standing in front of the screen which was twice as high as my crib. The match hadn’t even started yet, and the crowd was already going wild.

We pushed our way past masses of people to a gap near the speakers, which were also bigger than my crib (okay, not quite, but they were BIG). People weren’t standing there because the sound was so loud, but K8 handed me a pair of earplugs.

On the screen, the teams were coming out. Peeps were going crazy. I done lost my voice trying to compete with the vuvuzelas. I even saw one guy trying to blow into a traffic cone!

But there were these guys behind us who were being total losers. They were shoving each other around, trying to get the other guys to spill their drinks. One of them, a really big guy with a shaved head, poured his beer down the back of K8’s legs, but she fronted like she didn’t notice.

Then he did it again. And again, deliberately splashing beer down the back of her T-shirt. It was like some loser game.

K8 was pretty cool about it. She turned around and said, “I know it requires co-ord, but can you try not to spill your drink on me?”

“Oooo-oooooh!” The guy mocked. “She’s cute when she’s angry!”

“Hey!” I started to get really peeved, but K8 put her hand on my arm to tell me to chill.

“Look, I get you’re here to have a good time, but can you do it without pouring your drink on me?”

Then it turned ugly. The guy said, “Listen, You don’t get to tell me what to do just because you’re white!”

“What?” K8 said, “This isn’t about me being white. This is about you being a jerk!”

“Racist!” The guy yelled.

I’ve never seen K8’s face like that. She looked shocked, and then helpless, and then seriously angry. She opened and closed her mouth, but for once she didn’t have a comeback. I got seriously worked up. I mean, I was ready to take that guy out! All of them!

“You better apologise to her, right now!” I said.

“Oh and who are you supposed to be? The boyfriend?”

“Yeah. I am.”

The guys behind him laughed at me. “You’re an idiot. White girls have no respect. She’s just going to order you around… You’re just her boy.”

I was so angry I was shaking, but K8 grabbed my arm. “C’mon,” she said. “Leave it. They’re not worth it.”

“See… Already bossing you around like a real little madam.”

I wanted to teach these guys a lesson, but K8 kept pulling.