Yoh! Crazy day!

K8 got back from the Grahamstown Festival last night. I was so amped to see her, but things went south basically from the moment she came to scoop me up at my crib.

First she tried to kiss me in the car, right under my mom’s window. Um. Not ayoba! She started bugging when I broke off the kiss. She just doesn’t get it. My mom would freak… That’s serious disrespect.

Anyway, she cheered up when she started telling me all about Grahamstown – watching plays, joining a drumming circle, learning to juggle firesticks, hanging out at the monument watching the sun rise. Her brother’s play sounds like it’s a little out there, but also kinda cool – it’s this weird puppet show with people dressed like birds as a political statement.

But the more she talked about it, the more I hated it, because I can see how much she wants to go back there for university. I mean, it was great to see her happy, but I just wish she wasn’t so happy about leaving me, nah mean?

Aaaargh! Sometimes I don’t get Sbu at all.

I missed him so much in Grahamstown, and every second I spent up there I wished he was there with me. I saved up so many stories to tell him about everything I’d seen and done, because I wanted him to be a part of it. But when I tried to tell him, he just wouldn’t listen. And he wouldn’t kiss me either. What’s up with that?

Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

K8 let me drive to practice for my test in August, but she got really impatient with me. Okay, so I stalled twice before we even pulled away, but c’mon, the last time I got behind the wheel was three weeks ago! It’s not like I have easy access to a car when she’s not around.

Eish, I stalled again at the stop street, a block away from my house and then K8 just pissed me off. She saw these guys hanging round on the side of the road – my friend Buhle’s younger brother and his boys, kicking around a soccer ball, and she bugged out. She locked her door and lunged over to lock mine too – like they were these evil tsotsi hijackers or something.

I told her to chill and said I knew them, but it made me think. Because if K8 skeems like that about the people I hang out with, what does she think about me?

Man, Sbu was driving soooooo badly! He was really distracted. He must have had something on his mind. He kept grating the gears and braking too hard and forgetting the indicators.

I had to keep on reminding him to do everything, like staying in his lane and changing his gears up. But the more I tried to help him, the worse he got.

K8 was on her b-game on the whole drive. She kept telling me what to do. “Turn here! Go slower! Brake! Aaaaagh! Brake-brake-brake!”

I mean, I know that I don’t drive well – That’s why I’m learning. I don’t need her to tell me.

In the end, I told her that she wasn’t any better when she was learning, and she should cut me some slack. She said she was sorry.


After Sbu snapped at me, I realised how tense I was getting. I’m not used to anyone else driving my car. I promised to relax, if Sbu promised to concentrate!

We drove through to an empty parking lot next to the swimming pool in Observatory, and practiced parking and three-point turns.

After half an hour of that Sbu got a lot more confident. I think he’s going to be a great driver, actually. He parallel parked and alley-docked like a pro, and asked what he could practice next.

“How’s your vuvuzela-blowing?” I asked. I told him the plan I had for the rest of the day: watching the final!

He looked super chuffed until I said the fan park would be an amazing place to watch the match.