Mfundo a.k.a. DJ AIRTIME here, bringing you my HOMEWORK!

That’s right, my readers, our teacher told us to write a diary for one day over the holiday. She told us to write in proper English, too, with good spelling and on paper, not on my cellphone, wch is rubsh becoz im xcelnt at wrting on da fone.


Here’s what I did on Saturday.


Yes! Yes! Yes! I been waiting for this day all week! The parentals are visiting my aunt, and they told me to stay at home and look after the li’l punks known to the rest of the world as my brothers Anele and Xolo.

Why am I excited about looking after a pair of twelve-year-old troublemakers?

I’m NOT.

But with the parentals out of the house, it’s game on. Literally.

See, my parents don’t like video games. They both work at schools. My mom is a deputy-principal. So they think video games are a waste of time, when I could be studying or something.

But when I was hanging with K8 at her house, I saw she’s got her brother’s old PS2 that nobody plays since he went to university. And she has the game Call Of Duty. Holla back!

She didn’t want us to play games right then, so she lent me her brother’s PS2 for the holidays. She said he would be totally cool with it. And all the games, too! K8 is basically the future!

I haven’t been able to play all week. But today my parents are away, so I’m going to plug the PS2 into the TV and get playing.


I’m almost through level two.

I was shooting a Nazi general when the punks started running around the couch. I told them to calm down. Xolo said there was some cartoon show on TV that they wanted to watch.

I told them to vaya but they sang the theme tune of their cartoon again and again until I gave up.

I said they could watch it, but afterwards they’d have to leave me alone to play my game. So I unplugged the PS2 and they’re watching it now while I do my writing.

MORNING (Again Again)

I can’t believe it!

After the cartoon finished I plugged the PS2 back in and got back into the game. The punks stayed on the couch to watch.

After a few minutes Anele started poking Xolo in the ribs, pretending his fingers were bullets. Xolo tried to shove his fist into Anele’s mouth, pretending it was a grenade. Anele bit Xolo’s fingers, and Xolo shouted at him and made me miss a German soldier in the game, who then shot me dead.

I told them to get off the couch and go and play somewhere else.

I tried to ignore them as they ran from one room to the other making “Pew Pew Pew!” and “AttAttAttAtt Kapooooow!” noises.

Then they ran into the kitchen and there was a big crash, and they were both quiet.

I paused the game to check out what was going on. There were pieces of broken plates all over the floor, and Anele and Xolo were gone!