K8 and Sbu cautiously made their way back to the car, watching out for the cops. Sbu had his learner’s, so K8 let him drive while she phoned Airtime.

“How are you? Where are you? Are you arrested?” he answered, sounding panicky.

“We’re both fine,” said K8. “Why did you run? You nearly got us in trouble!”

“I don’t want to get arrested! My parents would kill me!”

Airtime told her that he had made it to the station and was in a taxi on his way home. K8 told him about Song’s message, and he agreed to meet up with them at Song’s house.

“I hope it’s good news,” he said. “I could do with some good news.”

K8 hung up, and they drove in silence.

Sbu didn’t know what to say to her. There were so many questions in his head. What would his parents think? What would her parents think? What would their friends think? He started to wonder if K8 thought the kiss was a mistake. He glanced at her, and she smiled back at him. He looked back at the road, relieved.

– – –

They got to the house, and walked into Song’s room to find Song and Airtime having a raging argument.

“You weren’t there!” said Airtime. “You didn’t meet them!”

“Would you just listen to me?” said Song.

“They even took my photo!”

“That doesn’t prove anything!”

“What’s going on?” Sbu asked.

Airtime pointed at Song. “She says that I didn’t win anything!” he said.

“I think the quiz is a scam,” Song corrected him. “It’s been happening all over the city. People think they’ve won an Internet competition, but it’s just a trick to steal money.”

“But I met them! They’re real! You saw them! Tell her, Sbu!” said Airtime.

“Why would they want Airtime to meet them if it was a scam?” asked K8.

“I don’t know. To make it seem real? Did they ask you to bring them anything?” Song asked Airtime.

“No!” said Airtime, and then thought about it. “Just my ID.”

“And you gave it to them?”

“Just so they could photocopy it!” said Airtime. Desperation was creeping into his voice.

“It’s all part of the trick!” said Song. “If they have your ID and your bank details they can steal as much money from you as they like.” She held up some pages that she’d printed out from Scamwarners.com. “It’s the same story again and again. Just look at it!”

Airtime took the pages and flipped through them. He looked back at her.

“No,” he said. “I don’t believe it. You’ve got money, you’ve got a job, you don’t understand how much I need this. This is my big chance! I’m not going to lose all this just because you’re all suspicious! I met them! It’s real! I’m getting that money!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think that the quiz is real or a scam? Why?