The elevator was old, and it rattled unnervingly as they rode up to the 17th floor. Sbu could feel K8 starting to get tense.

He wondered why they were doing this. Maybe it was because, after the last adventure they had, they believed they were heroes and nothing could hurt them. But the big reason he was there was that he wanted to stay with K8. It didn’t matter why. He didn’t want his day with her to end.

The elevator opened and they walked out into a small empty foyer. It didn’t look like the offices of a professional business. The walls were bare, and the room was empty except for a disconnected floor lamp in the corner next to the fire escape door. The corridor ahead of them was blocked by a glass security door.

K8 checked it. It was locked.

On the other side of the glass the corridor was a mess. There was a broken chair halfway down, and someone had removed the soundproof ceiling tiles to reach a bunch of cables, which were now hanging to the floor. There were scraps of paper and empty takeaway cups scattered everywhere. Whoever these people were, they weren’t very tidy.

A couple of doors led off the corridor on either side, and the far end opened up onto a boardroom. Sbu could make out a long desk, where two guys with their backs to the corridor were typing on computers. One of them was eating a burger. The other was typing and nodding along to music on his headphones.

“Look,” whispered K8, pointing him out. “You recognise that guy?”

It was hard to see from behind, but when the guy with headphones turned to talk to the other, Sbu recognised him as one of the men in suits who had been with Bhose when he met Airtime.

Sbu nodded. “It’s them,” he said. “Let’s go call the cops.”

They turned back to the elevator and Sbu pressed the button. The doors didn’t open, so he pressed it again.

“It’s still coming up,” said K8.

The numbers above the door counted up to 17. There was a chime, and the door opened.

Inside was Bhose.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What should K8 and Sbu do?