She was standing by the railing in a dark green dress that barely covered her shoulders. Her skin was milk chocolate, and her hair was in thin braids curled up at the back. She was staring right at him, and when he saw her she looked away as if caught, then looked back and gave him a smile.

They stayed up on the balcony, and ended up talking for hours, though it seemed like minutes to Sbu. He was surprised by her French accent. She said her name was Adelle. When he asked her where she was from, she told him to guess. He told her all the countries he could think of, but she didn’t say “yes” to any of them. She just smiled.

They sat on a bench on the balcony and watched the lights on the boats far out at sea, marking out the horizon in the darkness. He told her about his paintings, and the adventures he’d had with the graffiti crew, and she listened eagerly. He asked her more about herself, but she gracefully changed the subject.

A light wind blew in, and they sat closer together. He offered her his jacket, and she accepted. He looked down at her mouth, and she kissed him.

Somewhere in the distance there were raised voices, but they meant nothing to Sbu. He was kissing a beautiful stranger, and he wanted the moment to last forever.

A glass broke downstairs. Someone was shouting. Sbu slowly drifted back to reality, and pulled away from the girl, who looked at him, surprised.

He recognised the voice.

It was Mfundo.

Shouting in pain.

Do you think your friends hook up too easily at parties?