They went through the psycho’s pockets to find the handcuff keys, and took them off Adelle, setting her free. The Hyena man used them to cuff the psycho’s hands behind his back.

“This oke’s a tricky one,” he said. “It’s lucky you lot gave me that call before you came here like a bunch of heroes.”

Before they’d come to the psycho’s house, Sbu had called the Hyena guy and told him everything. Airtime had been against it – after all, K8 had tasered the man – but Sbu had said that the Hyena man, as violent as he was, was just trying to look after Adelle. When they had called him, he had sworn at them for a few minutes, but when Sbu told him they knew who kidnapped Adelle, he listened.

After strutting around the house to check that it was safe, the Hyena man kept quiet, maybe because he knew it was his fault Adelle had been kidnapped in the first place.

They waited outside for the police and the ambulance, because the stench in the house was terrible. Songezwa’s arm was broken, and Adelle was in shock, but grateful.

While they waited, Sbu gave her back her cellphone, and told her everything they’d been through to get it to her. She filled in all the details.

Adelle had come to South Africa to research her role in a new movie set in the townships. On her first day in town, she had had an interview with the reporter from the Daily Eye. He had seen all her movies, and was obsessed with her, and followed her wherever she went.

The Hyena security company protected her from him, but kept on restricting where she could go, until one night she decided to sneak away from them to see some real South African life. She drove around town until she found a party to gatecrash, and that was where she’d met Sbu. But when she found out the stalker had followed her, she’d got out of there as fast as she could – just before the raid.

She’d wanted to go back to the party house, but the Hyena guy had refused to let her, and gone back himself. He had threatened Bulana when he said he didn’t have the phone.

While the Hyena guy was away from the hotel, the psycho had kidnapped Adelle. And when the Hyena guy got back, he assumed that the missing phone had been a trick to get him away, which is why he had blamed Sbu.

And, there was one last thing Adelle had to tell Sbu.

She had a boyfriend, back in France.

When she’d been at the party, she had been lonely, and just wanted some fun.

For Sbu, it was a deal-breaker.

The story is almost over, and the mystery is solved. Have you enjoyed it? What were your favourite parts?