The man recognised Airtime. He slammed the door in their faces.

“Open up!” yelled Sbu, bashing on the door with his fist.

He threw his shoulder against it to try to break it open, but it wouldn’t move.

“Help me!” he told his friends. On three, they all threw themselves at the door, and it tore off its hinges.

They tumbled into the house’s living room. It stank. It was piled with trash – empty pizza boxes, overflowing ashtrays and fast-food cartons.

Sbu lost his balance and staggered forward. The psycho flung himself towards them, knocking Sbu sideways into the wall.

With a kamikazi yell, Airtime attacked the psycho, but the man was fast, and brought his elbow up hard into Airtime’s belly. Airtime fell down, winded and gasping for breath. But he’d bought Sbu enough time to get a couple of punches in.

There was a banging sound coming from inside the house, and muffled shouting.

“It’s her!” said Songezwa.

Sbu pushed the psycho back, making him trip over the fallen Airtime, and dropped down on top of him, fists flying.

The psycho tried to get up again, but Sbu pulled him down onto a glass coffee table covered in trash and magazines. The table broke, and the man yelled as the glass cut into his arm.

While he was down, K8 ran past towards the sound of the thumping, through the corridor towards the bathroom door.

“Help!” said Adelle inside. “Get me out of here!”

It was closed, and there was no key.

“Stand back!” called K8, and gave it a hard kick. Wood splintered. With another hard kick it burst open, and inside was Adelle, on the ground, handcuffed to the pipes.

Back in the living room, Songezwa entered the fight by breaking a lamp across the psycho’s neck.

He picked up a full ashtray and threw it in her eyes, and then cracked it into the side of her head. She staggered backwards.

“Look out!” yelled Airtime. Sbu rolled out of the way just as the psycho slashed at him with a shard of broken glass from the table.

With eyes streaming, Songezwa ran at the psycho again, but he kicked the legs out from under her, and she fell against a table. There was a nasty cracking sound, and Songezwa yelled in pain.

The psycho grabbed Sbu’s throat with one hand.

Sbu coughed, struggling to breath, as the psycho raised the piece of broken glass. “She’s mine!” he said. “She’s the only thing I have left!”

There was a popping sound. The psycho looked like he had sprouted two coiled wires from his chest. There was a regular ticking sound, and he gasped, spasmed, and fell to the side, letting go of Sbu.
Sbu rubbed his neck, and looked up at the man in the doorway, holding the taser.

“Hyena Personal Protection, at your service,” said the man.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What would you do if you had to rescue someone like this?