Sbu dialled the Daily Eye offices. The phone kept ringing. Eventually, a bored sounding girl answered it.

“Daily Eye, Shannon here,” she said.

“Hi,” said Sbu. “Is John there?”

“John? Nee. He’s on leave.”

“Do you have his home address?”

K8 and Airtime leaned closer to listen in.

“Nee, man. I can’t give away reporter’s home addresses. You know how many enemies our reporters make?”

K8 grabbed the phone.

“Please!” she said. “We think someone’s life is in danger.”

There was a pause on the other end of the line.

“Is this that French chickie? The one who Johnny interviewed? Nee, you can’t listen to her! She’s such a drama queen! She was phoning us, saying he was pestering her, saying he was making threats…”

“She’s gone missing. We think John has her.”

There was another pause, as the girl on the other end changed her opinion.

“Ja, well, now that you say it, John has been a bit strange lately, that’s why he’s having his time off…”

Sbu gritted his teeth. “Please,” he said. “Could you just tell us where he lives!”

“Ja, no, sure.”

They drove to the reporter’s – or, as they were calling him now, the psycho’s – house, and parked across the street. It was in a part of town with tree-lined streets, and thick vegetation growing between the houses. Most of the plants were neatly trimmed, but around the psycho’s house they were sprawling and overgrown.

“We should wait,” said Airtime.

“We can’t,” said Sbu. “Adelle could be in there.”

“Yeah. At least we should knock on the door and check,” said Songezwa. “I mean, we don’t even know if this is the right house.”

They went up to the front door and rang the bell.

“Just a sec,” said a voice inside. There were footsteps, and the door opened a crack.

Sbu and Airtime immediately recognised the reporter, and knew this was the right house.

It was the hollow-eyed man from the party.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Would you do as much as the crew are doing for someone you didn’t know?