They spun around. It was Mr Erasmus, coming out of his house and wiping his hands. “What are you two doing here?”

“We were looking for Songezwa,” said Sbu. “Her mother said she might be here.”
“I told you,” said Mr Erasmus, “I haven’t seen her for a while.”

He walked around until he was between them and the out-room door, and closed it.
“Sorry, that door shouldn’t be open,” he said. “There’s some sensitive equipment in there.”

“What was Songezwa doing here?” said Sbu. “Her mother told us she was having extra lessons, but I never heard anything about that.”

Mr Erasmus looked surprised. “No, I’m not giving her extra lessons. I don’t know why she told her mother that. Maybe her mother doesn’t want her working. No, I’ve got a small business I run out of this back room, fixing computers and things. Songezwa comes around once in a while to help me.”

“How long has she been helping you?” asked Sbu.

“About two months. She stopped a week ago. She said she had a new job, but she wouldn’t say what it was.”

“Thanks,” said Sbu. “We’ll look out for her. Come on, Mfundo.”

“Airtime,” said Airtime.

As they walked out, Sbu looked back and saw Mr Erasmus slipping into the out-room and closing the door behind him.

“Do you think he’s up to something?” said Airtime.

“Ja, but I don’t know what.”

Sbu’s phone rang. He looked at the screen, and answered it.

“Hey K8.”

“Hey,” she said. “Guess what. Bulana just called me. He was freaking out. He said that some big guy in a leather jacket and a bulletproof vest came to his house yesterday. He bashed in Bulana’s door, and threatened him.”

“Wow! What for?” said Sbu.

“Apparently,” said K8, “The guy was looking for a cellphone.”

What do you think Mr. Erasmus is up to?