On this very same day a year ago, we met. You and I, two strangers whose paths have never crossed, coincidentally bumped into each other in the small corridors of this life we live. Do you still remember that moment when we stood and reciprocated a look, and how without saying much we grasped the fact that we had so much in common?

I needed someone to tell all my deep dark secrets and confess my ‘strong desire to murder’ my family. I was in need of a friend to tell me that the end of the world was not anywhere near, a shoulder to cry on and inspire me to aspire for greater things in life. And guess who the heavens decided to give to me; it was you, my dear friend! My reader. My #1 Fan!

It is probably your nosiness, your uncontrollable craving for entertainment by prying on other people’s lives and my need to confess and offload all the feelings I felt in my heart at that time that made us fall for each other.

I felt traumatised that I’ve been betrayed by my own parents! And guess who came to my rescue and lent me a listening ear, taking their precious time to hear me out, and encouraged me to never stop believing.

Who are you but the reader of my tales, the true friend I’ve never met! You watched without batting an eyelid when I painted for you a gory image of how I was going to take the lives of everyone who betrayed me. You felt my despair on the helplessness of the situation I found myself in, it was like a lurid dream and there was nothing I could do about it. But I talked and you listened. And for that, I remain forever appreciative of you!

On the other hand, I never forget how at first sight you misjudged me, misunderstood my lifestyle for that of a ‘brat’. And because I know that life is a double-edged sword and that the bad and the good mingle together to make life what it is. I forgive you your inaccuracies in the judgement of my character!

In any case, I understand that critics and appraisers alike are the reason that I still write today. As the blog turns a year old, I would like to thank all of you for the support, understanding and words of encouragement that you shower me with on a daily basis!

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ZZ xxx