“I couldn’t wait for her to leave,” Sebastian says.

His voice is soft and gentle – sweet music to my ears – in perfect harmony with my heart. He places a kiss on my neck, and holds me so close to his body that I can feel his heartbeat. His muscles are tense and tight. He holds me even closer, like I am a dream he doesn’t want to wake up from. I feel safe, I feel loved. Here, in these arms, is where my destiny lies. I belong here.

“But she kept on saying she wants Michaela to settle in. I missed you so bad,” his voice brings me out of my reverie.

“You are disturbing the serenity of this moment, just shut up! Stop explaining!” I bark at him playfully. He just laughs, and shifts a bit, not before he places a kiss on my lips. His lips are cold, his tongue caresses mine. I feel a heavenly joy inside my heart.

I feel like nothing else matters in this world, but this timeless moment. I would lie here in his arms forever if I could.

It suddenly seems so silly that I was angry at him for cancelling one meeting, which was also not even planned. This is better than all the plans I had the other day.

It’s amazing how distance always succeeds in bringing us closer to each other. I guess it’s true that the lack of something increases the desire for it. Or even better, it’s the hunger for one’s touch, the longing for his comforting presence, the desire for the marrying of your lips with his, the need for his caress on your body – that makes our relationship grow stronger, even against all the challenges and attempts to keep us apart.

So you can imagine what went down as soon as he told me that the “coast is clear”. I must have driven faster than Malema and Hofmeyer combined. Never in my life had I driven like that. I was like a maniac. I am sure I broke a number of speed limits (don’t tell the traffic cops, it’s our little secret).

And a few hours later we were cuddling in bed, dressed only with the clothes that nature can afford. We had done it, and it felt only like a dream. A dream that I was shaken out of by the ringing of my phone.

It was Thembeka. She wanted us to meet, but when I told her I was with Sebastian. She said “It’s fine. We will meet when you are free.”

Her voice didn’t sound so well, especially when I mentioned Sebastian. It could be my imagination though! I hope I haven’t been neglecting her.

ZZ xxx

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