There’s me, my sister Dineo and a pimple-farmer called Jethro in the car on our way to the jol.

Destination: Naughties’ Nightclub in Midrand. Mission: To get laid and pass the third test my pals Silas and Mondli have set me to prove that I’m a real man and not some Virgin Loser.

‘One last stop,’ my ouledi says, parking outside the principal’s house. ‘You go in and get her.’

I stumble to the front door. And then she’s there. The Beautiful Babs. She looks at me and holds out her hand. I’m three seconds away from kissing it when I pull my hand out of my jacket pocket – the pocket that contains the six pack of condoms.

As I grab Babs’ hand the condoms fall on to the floor. I hold her eyes with mine. Don’t look down. Please don’t look down, I pray.

You’ve dropped something, Babs says and bends down. She picks up the six pack of Rough Riders and hands them to me. ‘Eish, Frank, it looks like you plan to be a busy boy tonight.’ She giggles.

But there’s a weird look in those dark brown eyes of hers. I wish I knew what it meant.

Image: Steve Vosloo, CC-BY-SA-2.0

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