Black hair and deep brown eyes. They start haunting my dreams.

The guy from Oliver Tambo. I saw him there for only an instant as he was about to close the door.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he didn’t even look at me.

Or did he?

Eyes locked in each other’s for just an instant.

Aaargh, no!

I wake up. Wet with perspiration. Night after night this happens.

I can’t concentrate on my homework.

At school I float through the day like a ghost. I hold Kebone’s hand during breaks. It’s not allowed. But I do it.

Every afternoon at soccer I practise harder than usual. I have to make up for that stupid mistake on Saturday. I drive my body to breaking point. 

I’m driving devils out.

I sweat. Clench my teeth. I shout.

My body, my muscles are hard. But my heart? That’s another matter.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Have you ever been kept awake because you’re thinking of a girl or a guy?