We’ve lost the match. “Just leave me alone!” I say to Kebone when she comes to hang on to me, to comfort me.

I am angry with myself. I’ve messed it up again.

I take my boots and walk away from the stands, away from the people.

I want to be alone.

I go and sit on one of the school verandas, in front of an empty classroom. The sun is hot on my legs. Disappointment is filling my whole being. What will I tell my father? He has so many expectations of me. 

“Sorry about that missed goal,” says a voice behind me. “It was very close. You almost scored.”

Njabulo comes and sits next to me. I turn my head away.

“I know how you feel. It’s already happened to me too,” he says.

I say nothing.

“Are you cross with me as well?” he asks. I don’t reply. “It’s about the other night at the club, isn’t it?” We sit in silence for a while. “Sorry, I thought you were also …” 

I turn towards him. Look in his eyes. And take his hand. He gives mine a squeeze. “It’s okay,” he says softly.

That’s when I hear someone behind us. I turn around quickly. But now there is nobody. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is it ok for two boys or girls to hold hands in public?