“Tjo, guys” says Musa, plonking himself down next to the rest of us Grade 10 boys. “Did you see how Kebone was popping out of her school dress again today? Wow, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her when I bumped into her just now.”

“You probably bumped into her on purpose,” laughs Tshepo.

“Again and again and again”, teases another guy.

“And what’s wrong with that?” asks Musa, grabbing the front of his trousers. The chaps laugh even more now. Musa turns to me. “Nathi, tell them, please, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I give an embarrassed laugh. “Don’t drag me into your thing … er … things!”

“You tell him, Nathi,” says Tshepo, his big belly shaking with laughter.

Musa pulls a face. “Ag, you’ve got no balls, the lot of you.”

I shake my head. “Okay then. Kebone is sexy. Beyond sexy, actually. Wouldn’t mind bumping into her myself. Perhaps feel her up a bit…”

Musa gives a broad smile. “Now that’s a man talking!” he says and slaps me on the shoulder.

I snigger. “Sho, a real man!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Do all boys talk like this about girls?