Things are starting to cool down now. I am even starting to get my grips on the new timetable. All is becoming normal again!

So bloody normal that even my nerdy brother seems to have a love interest. He’s been reading a lot of Shakespeare lately. He knows the poetry by heart and is particularly interested in Romeo and Juliet. Welcome to Love-ville, brother!

He’s been laughing and smiling. Reminds me of the smile that dad use to wear in happier times…

Speaking of happier times and old memories, somehow mom managed to twist dad’s arm. He is no longer selling the house. At least it seems like she still cares. Things are a bit cooler between the two of them now.

Mom is even going to P.E over the weekend. How weird is that? But then again they once loved each other? Things are getting better.

So it’s just going to be me and Sim. But I doubt I will survive with just Sim and his books. He will just bore the hell out of me. So, I might invite Tee and Sebastian to chill with us.

Cheers to the freaken weekend…

ZZ xxx