Some people really have a problem with building bridges and moving on. You’d actually think after betraying me Robbie would’ve long moved on. Isn’t that what cheaters do, break hearts and move on?

But, oh no Robbie just won’t, he still keeps secret hopes of getting back with me. I mean who calls his ex at night, except a desperate fool. He must forget! Me and him will never happen, at least not in this life time.

The poor guy called to remind me that it was his birthday, as if I did not know that. How could I forget it? I mean I dated him since the tenth grade and you know what frenzy children make about each other’s birthdays. Setting alarms to wake up at midnight and wish each other a blessed day and all the other things they think are romantic.

It was romantic then, but looking now back it seems stupid and childish. Real romance is what Sebastian has showed me.
I wish I could’ve seen his face, waiting and waiting for a call he is used to. Realising it was not coming; he decided to call at 02:00. Can you believe? How lousy is that? Messed up my morning and kept me up at a very odd and awkward hour.

He ranted on and on about how disappointed he was that I was forgetting him. Come on dude, I long forgot you. I actually think he is disappointed that I didn’t whine and moan over him. He expected that my life would stop without him.

“I still get those butterflies,” is not a song I sing anymore. He better understand that he has lost me forever.

ZZ xxx