Mom tells me that things are working out well between her and dad. They are “giving it a chance,” those were her exact words. She sounded happy, but somehow I couldn’t help not believing her.

The other night she was on the phone and she sounded all lovey-dovey. “They are both sleeping, sweety,” she said laughing. I wonder who she might’ve been speaking to, definitely not dad! The last time she used pet-names when addressing him was before they had financial issues. Ever since then it’s been either arguments or insults, most times both. Only fronting happy faces in our presence; they think we are fools.

I wanted to ask her about that call, but just didn’t have the guts to. I don’t want her to think I am spying on her, but I still got to lookout for dad. I owe him that much, at the least. And I do want them to work it out; for Sim’s sake.

Sim might be clueless, but I foresee a divorce on the way. He doesn’t know what it means, especially for him. A child needs both parents to be a better person. And he needs a dad but he is oblivious to that. I don’t want a step-dad!

I hope all goes well between them. They’ve really come too far to let their relationship go to dust.

I know there is not much that I can do to save their relationship… only hope for better times. But I doubt things will ever be the same again. I am just glad they are trying. We need to be a family again.

Mom is really trying to make it up to all of us; she has planned what she calls a ‘fun weekend’ for me, Sim and her. And I was supposed to meet with Sebastian, now I`ve been “order” to cancel, again.

“Family comes first,” that’s what she said to me when I told her about my plans. I really don’t want to burst her bubble and disappoint her. I became a good girl and agreed to cancel my plans.

I’ll just have to spend my weekend with mom and Sims. She actually thinks we are buddies and we are not. She better not forget that. I am not on her side, even if things are starting to cool down between her and dad I still know which side of the battlefield I will stand if war broke out. I will always be on the faction of my father. That’s all. I already anticipate a boring weekend, this is a social tragedy.

ZZ xxx