I remember one big problem we had when we were growing up in KwaMashu. That was the problem of the white valiant car. We were very scared of that car because it belonged to tsotsis.

We took buses and taxis to school because we were worried that the valiant car would follow us.

But sometimes we did not have money to pay the taxis; so we had to walk to school. Then we tried to hide between the houses when we saw the white valiant car. Because we knew that if the tsotsis would see us they would kill us or take us away.

One day we heard that the tsotsis had a big accident. While they were driving to the south coast, the police started to chase them. The tsotsis’ car was going very fast and rolled off the road. One of them died, and the other one, called Bafana, had his arm cut off.

White Valiant

And then there was only one tsotsi left. He was the boss of them.

We thought that everything would be better because the boss was now on his own. But he still did many bad things.

One day the boss went to E section to visit his girlfriend. While he was there he decided to wash his car. Now, Vusi, the brother of the boss’s girlfriend came out of the house.

Vusi hated the boss, so he took out his knife and stabbed him to death. Oh, and then we all heard that Vusi had killed the boss. Oh, we were all very, very happy that day.

We were also promising Vusi that we were going to visit him in jail, and bring him some food. We said he would not suffer.

And we even wanted to tell the police that we were sick and tired of the big boss. Maybe he was going to start a new gang.

Ai, and then Vusi didn’t stay too long in jail. He staye a few days and then the police said, “Oh, many years we wanted to catch the big boss. Now, you, Vusi, can go of of jail.”