So, we all know the basics to have when looking and applying for a job right? CV and cover letter? But what about the process of applying.

It used to be common practice to print out your CV and hand it to the recruiter, but these days everything is digital. We search up online, we apply online. Everything is online!

So, I thought that it’d be best to compile a list of must-haves in today’s job application market.


If you want to really get down and find a job, LinkedIn is the best way to do it. LinkedIn is a social network use for career development and job seeking. You can engage with people from different sectors, you can ask questions to potential recruiters, you can look for jobs, you can save jobs and you can apply on the site too. This is so super convenient and easy to use.

It’s pretty simple to set up a profile. Log onto the website, create an account using your email address and create a password. There will be a few questions to answer to determine what you may looking for. For instance, what career you’re in, where would like to look for a job, whether you want a remote or in person job. There may be more prompts depending on what you’re looking for.

Remember to turn on your notifications for a job that may have just been posted. That means you can apply quickly and move onto the next job application.


Everyone knows that Indeed is one of the best places to look for a job. Indeed is a website where you can search for millions of jobs from all over the world. Create an account even before you start looking for a job because once you start looking you can save a job and apply for it later.


I think Glassdoor is a great resource. It has pretty much the same function as Indeed, where you can search for jobs anywhere and everywhere, but not only can you search for jobs, but you can also see reviews from previous employees. This really gives you the chance to assess whether the work environment and prospective salary is what you’re looking for.

Please note that for Glassdoor, you would have to submit an anonymous review from your previous job in order to access certain information from the site. That’s how Glassdoor builds a profile from different companies, by you anonymously sharing your work experience.


Naturally, you’d already have your CV on hand; uploaded to your computer. You can add your CV to both Indeed and LinkedIn so you’re always able to apply; anywhere and anytime . A great place to help compile your CV is with Reach Trust.

Cover Letter

Many jobs these days require you to have a cover letter. A cover letter is an introduction to who you are as well as a little background information of what you do.

A cover letter should be tailored to a specific job. You would align your strongest points and why you’d make a great fit to the team. You can read more about writing a good cover letter here.

I interviewed two people to give their input on what they think is important to have ready when looking for a job.

Busie, 25

“I think it’s important to have self-confidence. When you go to do an interview, yes, it’s important to have a good cv, but they will also be looking at the way you speak, dress etc. Most questions are created to feel you out so prepare before the time. Research on possible questions and how you might answer. Do a lot of research about the company because they may ask and knowing small details shows them that you cared enough to do your research. Also dress accordingly, that’s half the points .”
As seen from the two respondents, not only is the search engines important, but also how you present yourself, so be sure to put your best foot forward.

In the current economic climate, finding a job is all too hard. I hope these pointers will all be worth it in the end and good luck if you’re looking for a job!


Tell us: What must-haves do you think is important when looking for a job?

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