You’re interested in studying but you’d like to find out more about a course you’re interested in. Or perhaps you want to request an application form. Why can’t you just pick you the phone and ask someone about it?

Well, you could try that but the chances are you won’t get through to the right person who may be busy at that time. How about sending an email directed to the right person so that they can get back to you when they’re free?

First of all, do your research. Make sure you have the name and email address of the right person for your enquiry. Read carefully any information you have about the course and see if there is a contact person included, or read through the information on the organisation’s site so that you can find the right name and email.

Think very carefully about what you want to know about the course – if necessary jot down some notes before you begin your email. Even if you only want an application form remember that you still need to send a good email. People will remember you and the way you wrote to them.

Be sure to fill in the SUBJECT line very clearly. State in a few words what your email is about. Be informative and clear, otherwise they may not read it. You don’t have to be creative! “Request for application form” or “Request for information about the accounting certificate course” gives the reader a quick idea of what you want.

In the body of your email, start by greeting the person to whom you’re writing. If you don’t know them use ‘Dear’ combined with their title and surname, i.e. “Dear Mr Parker” or “Dear Ms Luthuli”. If the person is someone you know in real life you could use ‘Hi’ and a first name.

Keep your email short and to the point – people are very busy. But be friendly too. “I hope you are well” may be a suitable first line. State who you are and what the purpose of your email is. Then ask your question/s. Thank them for being willing to help you and you could include, “I look forward to hearing from you”.

Divide your information into short paragraphs so that it is quick and easy to read.

End your email with an appropriate ending such as ‘Best regards’ followed by your name and contact information.

Make sure that you check your email very carefully for spelling and grammatical errors before you push the send button. You want the person reading your email to want to respond to you and to think that you would be a great candidate for the course. It should be truly perfect!

Overall, keep the words that you use simple but formal – so no Eish or Hayibo!


Email example 1:


Cc… (Only use this if you want someone else to read the email too, so you put their email address here.)

Bcc… (Only use this if you want someone else to read the email but you don’t want the person to whom you are sending it to see that. This email address is hidden from the recipient.)

Subject: Request for information about engineering course

Dear Mr Rhameni

I hope that you are well.

I am interested in studying engineering at UCT next year. I’m writing matric this year and would like some information about the course.

Although I know the entry requirements for engineering, I would like to know what qualities and abilities you think are important for studying this course. What can I do during the course of this year to prepare myself for studying engineering?

I’m very excited to follow my dreams and I appreciate any information you can give me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Asamahle Moshe
Cell: 0838950012


Email example 2


Subject: Request for application form

Dear Robyn

I’m currently in Grade 12 and would like to study fashion design next year.

I’ve heard that the course offered by The Design School is excellent and I would like to apply for it.

Please email me the application form as I’d like to fill it in and send it to you.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Candice Hope
Cell: 066 055 3921


Remember: You can apply these tips to any email you send to someone who is not a close friend.

Tell us: Have you learned something new? Do you feel more confident about sending an application email or enquiry email?