Have you ever heard the word mos? It’s such a strange word; hard to define, but makes complete sense when used in context – for some reason.

Mos is an Afrikaans word and various sources describe it in different ways. I think the two most appropriate definitions is that mos places emphasis on a sentence; or, according to the A for Athlete website, mos “… implies that what has been said is well known or self-evident (a formal part of grammar, the closest English equivalent would be “duh!”).”

Examples using mos:

“You know mos man.”

“Ek het jou mos gesê.”

“You mos know what I mean.”

“You can do it like that mos.”

There are many Afrikaans slang words and mos is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to share more with you guys. You mos know what I mean!


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Tell us: Have you heard and used the word mos before?