One thing we have in common as Africans is respect. We are taught from a young age to greet even strangers, and to give up seats for the elderly, and always to say thank you when someone assists you.

Our continent has many languages, and we say thank you in different ways, but the intention is always the same, to show appreciation to the person who helped us.

Thank you – translated in different African languages:


Enkosi – IsiXhosa (South Africa)

Asante – Swahili (Spoken in more than more than 14 countries)

Maita basa – Shona (Zimbabwe)

Imeela/Dàálụ́ – Igbo (Nigeria)

Dankie – Afrikaans (South Africa)

Medaase – Twi (Ghana)

Ameseghinalehu – Amharic (Ethiopia)


Tell us: how do you say thank you in your language?