You know that moment when your head goes back in laughter, and you’re like: “Oh, please”? As in, please stop talking nonsense.

According to Urban Dictionary, reacting with “Oh Please” is typically used  “… when someone doesn’t believe something another is saying.”

Another way that Oh Please can be phrased is by saying, “Please, girl.”  

Example scenarios:

  1. You look like a mess, and in walks your partner and they say you look beautiful. Your response would be, “Oh please,” even perhaps adding an eye roll. 
  2. Another scenario could be when a friend compliments your hair. Like, “Oh, I love your hair!” And in response, you say, “Oh please, woman; I haven’t washed my hair in days.”
  3. Your friend tells you they met Zozibini Tunzi, the South African model, and you say, “Oh please; don’t lie.”

The next time someone pays you a compliment, be sure to say thank you; but if you don’t believe them, go ahead and say, “Oh, please!”


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Tell us: Have you ever said, “Oh, please” before?