I hope everyone will have a lekker start to the new week. And if you haven’t guessed it already, this week’s word of the week is lekker.

A great explanation from Pink Pangea explains lekker as, “An Afrikaans word that has multiple meanings and which can be used in various contexts to describe many things from people to food to inanimate objects. It is used to convey the meaning of great, delicious, nice or fun.”

“Oh lekker man” – Could be used in response to someone saying that they started a new job.

Instead of saying the food was nice, it could be, “Oh the food was lekker.”

“I had a lekker day at the beach,” is another example.

Using lekker emphasises the nice-ness of something, as if it to say it is slightly better than nice.

I mean you could just use English words, but don’t you agree that adding another language adds a bit of spice? And besides, I feel like Afrikaans is a lekker language.


Read here on the word Mos.

Tell us: Do you use lekker in your daily life? If not, what slang terms do you use that have a similar meaning?