The South African youth have dubbed themselves, ‘a sad generation with happy pictures’, and mojolo is one of the things that make us sad, because – the next thing motho wa go blocka! These tragedies have turned most of us on social media into pessimists who have brought back the old-school saying, “It will end in tears”.

The saying has been around for some time. According to it was said by mothers, grannies and nannies when children start a game or other ploy that’s bound to end with somebody crying. In Mzansi though, it’s more likely to be used in instances where relationships are predicted to end badly – this has been because of the number of relationships that we are made aware of that have ended in tears, publicly.

Example of the use of the phrase: “Bro, did you hear Andile and Yolanda are in a relationship?” and the answer would be, “Yes, I heard. It will end in tears.”

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Tell us, have you used this phrase in the context the writer describes?