One of my all-time favourite slang words to use in a conversation has to be ‘Eshe’. I learnt this word when I moved to East London and through travelling have realised it’s somewhat particular to them and not many people who are not from there use it.

Eshe isn’t necessarily a word with meaning but a word that supports a meaning. It’s used when people are shocked, judging, complimenting or shading something or someone. 

For example, let’s say you are showing off an outfit you think is cute and the person you ask doesn’t like it; if their response is eshe with a tone that doesn’t sound nice… then babes, you may want to consider going to change that outfit.

Eshe can be used in so many ways and scenarios, positively and negatively:

Positive: “Esheeee you look so pretty friend!”

Negative: “Eshe what are you wearing??”

It all depends on the tone in which they say it. So the next time someone tries to shade you, eshe may be the word to use to fight back. 

It’s all in the way you use it, of course. 

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Tell us: Have you used eshe in conversation before? If yes, do you usually use it in a positive or negative way?