The 50/50 concept means that romantic partners split rent, expenses, and obligations equally. Although this is the first consensus, people have different opinions about how a partnership should look. Some believe that males should pay the rent and most of the bills while women should do the housekeeping.

The 50/50 divided relationship conversation is one of the most spoken-about topics of many generations. It was very bold of me to assume that the subject had been put to bed, but no, it reappears occasionally on social media. I was reminded of it when my younger sister (16) brought up some 22-year-old relationship drama on TikTok. Basically, everyone was in a frenzy because the guy said their relationship was 50/50, and he was seemingly the older one.

I know we’re tired of discussing it, and there are numerous subjects to discuss. But our culture repeatedly returns to it, and who am I to change the tradition?

Janny (26): “I don’t see anything wrong with 50/50, nor with 100/50 or 80/20. It’s entirely dependent on oneself”.

I’m reminded of that time in 2023 when everyone was up in arms (again) when Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade came out and said their relationship is 50/50.

For some, women sharing 50/50 responsibilities with their spouse does not make sense. For many, marriage provides security in knowing that a man can provide for them. Do you get that if you’re paying half of the bills yourself? But it all depends on the parties involved.

Jack (27): “I think we must allow people to do what they want in their relationships”.

Regardless of your personal opinions, the truth is that times and roles are changing. In addition to economic gaps, living expenses are steadily rising, and discussing finances and relationships is not becoming any simpler.

However, splitting everything evenly may not be suitable for everyone. Perhaps it’s about creating a shared budget, splitting some expenses, or sharing household tasks. Sharing financial difficulties can reduce strain on both parties in the relationship.

Penny (28): “The idea of 50/50 has widely been misconstrued by society. It doesn’t mean your man can’t provide for you or you’re settling. You’re simply making a decision that benefits the entirety of your relationship”.

Money is essential, but it is not the central part of a relationship. Sure, it’s lovely when your partner pays for dinners and other expenses, but financial duties are only a tiny portion of a relationship. According to research, a healthy relationship consists of trust, honesty, limits, support, and permission.

While having someone care for or support you financially is beneficial, it is not the only factor contributing to relationship success. Regarding money and relationships, each couple must decide what is best for themselves and their relationship.

I read somewhere that – sometimes, your glass is lighter than your friends’ or partner’s. The essential thing is that if you stay at the table, your cup will be filled again. It’s about being committed to each other, not constantly giving and taking.

That said, it is time for new conversations. Establish your relationship criteria. Determine what 50/50 means to you. Your partner may only sometimes be capable of carrying much of the financial burden. Figure out what that means to you.

Let’s officially retire the 50/50 debate after this, please.

What’s your take on balancing financial responsibilities in relationships today? Share your thoughts on what ‘fairness’ means to you in partnership dynamics.