Winter is almost here and this week’s blog is all about getting you ready and prepared for the rainy, sometimes snowy season.

South Africa definitely is a country that has its own unique weather, depending on which part of the country you stay. For example, if you stay in Durban the weather there has its own twist, because it could be raining cats and dogs outside, but the atmosphere would be warm. Whereas in Cape Town, it might look sunny but freezing at the same time due to the cold wind.

So I am just going to give you some basic tips to survive this cold weather. But remember each winter season is different which means you might have to take it as it comes. Remember the essentials to ensure you keep warm this winter.

Tip 1: Start purchasing your winter gear. If you haven’t already bought your essentials during the summer season, when it was cheaper, you will most probably end up paying more for it now. But in any case make sure that you buy your winter coats, umbrellas, boots, blankets, and everything that you think will keep you warm. For the people of Cape Town, the weather has slowly started to change, the nights are starting to get a little chilly and the days shorter; so maybe it’s time to start packing the summer clothes away and get the winter stuff clean and ready.

Tip 2: Start preparing your meals for the winter season. Finish eating that ice-cream in your freezer, stop spending money on cool drinks and salad dressings. Start purchasing things that are actually going to help you survive the winter, like teas, coffees, hot chocolates, soup packs, and excreta. Invest in some kitchen equipment if you can, things like a slow cooker, in which you can make a mouth-watering stew, maybe a Casserole dish or two, and make build a collection of hearty meals to get you through this ice age.

Tip 3: If you can, gather a collection of warm blankets for the cold nights and get that old hot water bottle from the top shelf of your closet. No one has time for frostbites. So make sure you have the necessary supplies to make your cosy corner in which you can hibernate.

Tip 4: Make a list of films and series for later binge viewing. Put away a tiny fund for your local takeaway so that on days when your fingers feel too stiff from the cold to prepare a wholesome hearty meal – you can heat speed dial and within twenty minutes you’ll be feasting on whatever delicacy takes your fancy.

Tip 5: Take up a hobby or start doing an indoor activity you enjoy, for those cold days and weekends when being outdoors or even active is not something you can face. Try reading or crafts, you might find you have a knack for something that you hadn’t really tried before.

With these tips we hope you will survive the winter, may the odds be ever in your favour.

Written by Phoebe Sibomana and Georgia Settler


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