I have always been a huge fan of making use of natural products as much as possible for my skin. I believe a product used in its natural form does not contain any added preservatives or chemicals and therefore works better and provides the best results. Natural products used in their natural form, for example using a lemon as it is instead of buying a product that contains lemon, or using honey instead of products that are infused with honey.

This week I will be sharing with you some really useful tips that you can use as a natural remedy to beautify yourself. And because there are just too many good natural products that you can use, I am going to be focusing mainly on lemons. Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and the acid contained in lemons is known to help remove blemishes and open up your pores, as well as brighten your skin. So I am going to be giving you some tips on how you can get the most out of your lemons.

Tip 1: Dark underarms and knees

This is a common problem for many people who like to shave their underarms a lot and also those who do things that require them to be on their knees a lot. Your skin is very sensitive, especially in your underarms, and because of products that you use and the constant shaving, it can become dark over time. To rectify this, simply mix together freshly squeezed lemon juice with brown sugar, or take the lemon and rub it on the areas that you want brightened. Keep the lemon juice or the lemon mixture for a few minutes and then wash it off. Repeat this daily for better results.

Tip 2: Dandruff treatment

Most of us have dandruff and guess what, lemon juice is also good for solving that issue. All you need to do is mix half a lemon juice with a quarter cup of coconut oil and rub onto your scalp. Leave in for 15 minutes then wash your hair as normal. You have to do this tip as often as you would like as the results only keep getting better and better.

Tip 3: Face mask

If you want to pamper your face without spending too much money and still get the same results, try using lemon mixed with honey. For a Cleansing Exfoliator you can combine half a cup of lemon with 1 Tbsp. of Virgin Olive oil and mix well. Then add 1 Tbsp. of honey and mix until it becomes a medium consistency, then mix in half a cup of sugar. You can add more or less honey and olive oil to make the scrub thicker or thinner, and even add more sugar if you feel it needs more scrub. This tip is sure to leave your skin feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized.

Tip 4: Foot cracks and dead skin removal

If you wear open shoes a lot and have developed some cracked, flaky, peeling off skin around your foot, then this tip is just for you. Soak your feet in lemon juice for approximately ten minutes. Lemon juice is a mild acid that helps to dissolve dead and dry skin for easy removal. Use a soft foot brush to scrub your feet after you’re done soaking them. You may want to wait until any cuts or trauma have healed before trying this.

Tip 5: Perfect nails

Pamper your fingernails without spending a lot of money for a manicure. Add the juice of half a lemon to 1 cup warm water and soak your fingertips in the mixture for 5 minutes. After pushing back the cuticles, rub some lemon peel back and forth against the nail. This is sure to leave your nails looking and feeling good and smooth.

I hope you have found these tips useful and I look forward to hearing from you about how you have used your lemons.