Good morning, spring! September 1st marked the beginning of both spring and the last quarter of the year, as we wrap up 2017 and prepare ourselves for 2018. As you know, it has taken the weather some time to play ball.

Spring is my personal favourite season (well, actually, summer is, but same difference, right?) – I wasn’t made for cold weather and get so excited when the days start to warm up and lengthen, and flowers and leaves start to blossom on the trees.

Spring can be a difficult season to dress for, as it’s too hot for beanies and coats but too cold for short-shorts and strappies. The weather can be unpredictable, as well.

I recommend carrying a jacket around with you so that you’re always ready when a chill comes up. Denim and leather jackets are classic and add a great, minimalistic touch, while cardigans are a classy modern look and suede, which has recently made a comeback, gives you that vintage look.

Speaking of fashion, off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are pretty much the coolest things you can wear right now, especially when paired with a choker or two.

It’s also the perfect time to haul out your spring dresses and show off your legs again after a long winter of jeans and stockings.

Another rising new trend is the athleisure look – pairing athletic/exercise wear with more stylish items such as a blazer of heels. I’m not into it myself, but I understand the appeal – athleisure shows that you’re down for doing some exercise, but still cultured, classy, and in with current trends.

For the guys, you can’t go wrong with a plain Tee and ripped jeans – it’s timeless and laid-back, but still looks good.

As always with fashion, the most important thing is that you feel good and like how you look in whatever you wear, whether it’s “in” or not. Remember, it’s your body and your closet!

Moving on to music: Harry Styles, member of boy band One Diction, recently released his first album and his single “Sign of the Times” has everyone singing along, even those who were never into One Direction or Pop music. But, come on, everyone’s secretly into pop.

Taylor Swift has a new album dropping this November. Her single “Look What You Made Me Do” broke the record for most single-day views on Vevo – something that hasn’t been done since Adele’s catchy song, “Hello”. You go, Taylor!

I’ll admit, I’m pretty out of it when it comes to South African music, but I’d love to learn, since I believe it’s important for us as South African’s to support our own. Please leave me a comment letting me know who your favourite South African band or musician is!

As for what to do this spring – celebrate the warmer weather by spending some time outside and working on your summer tan. I personally love going on picnics and walks!

On the colder days, find a cozy café in which to sit and write, visit a friend and plan out what you’ll do this December holiday, or hang out in a mall, window-shopping for your spring wardrobe.

Here’s to spring! I hope everyone has a great spring and rest of the year. We can still make 2017 our best year yet!