I have previously helped you get ready for an interview with the blog Dress for the job you want! in terms of clothing and conduct – what to wear and what to do. This week I want to give you some helpful tips that can really save you on the day of your interview.

I had the help of a fellow blogger, Sicelo, from the blog ‘Whats pop’n in eKasi’ to assist me with the male segment, what ama gents should carry when going for an interview. Remember, Just Trendi is about helping you make the most of what you have in your closet. So if you don’t have some of the items I will be naming you can improvise with what you already have or better yet go and purchase some at your local store.

What should be in your bag when going for an interview:

Curriculum Vitae aka CV

This is very important. If you forget everything else please remember to take a copy of your CV with you when you go for an interview. It shows the person interviewing you that you are serious and take pride in yourself. It doesn’t matter if you had already mailed it to them; chances are that some people will ask you for it. And if you don’t have it then it will show you’re not making an effort to get the job.


Yes, not everyone likes them but you need to bring one for the interview to use to take notes with. It can be any type of diary but it needs to look professional, meaning no bad language graphics on the cover, keep it neat people.


See how I made that plural? You need to do the same. Bring more than one pen for the interview in case the only one you have stops working half way. Sometimes you may be asked to do an assessment, and if you look around for someone to borrow from while others are getting on with it, that shows the interviewer that you are not prepared. Also make sure you have a black pen as it is the more commonly used. Keep the colours at home it’s not an art show you’re attending.

Lip-gloss or Lip balm

Whichever one you choose, bring it. And for gents, Sicelo suggested that you take Vaseline or Zam-Buk as no one wants to see your chapped lips. And you don’t really talk confidently when your lips are dry and you can feel them. Remember the key is to look as presentable as possible as that will give your future employer an indication of how neat you are and if you take care of yourself aka personal hygiene.

Nail Filer

Ladies, I generally advise you to get yourself a nail filer. It is so easy to break a nail; you could be scratching through your bag and accidently chip your nail or you could grab a handle of the door and chip your lovely nails. And chipped and broken nails send the wrong signals. So nail filer is key to have in your hand bag. Gents get those nails clipped if they are too long. Make sure you clean your nails and leave no visible germs in your nails as that can look really horrible.

Water bottle/ Pain killers

Ladies and Gents please invest in a water bottle. Make sure to fill it up or buy water before you go to the interview. That can clear your dry throat and the headache you might get while on your way or waiting to be interviewed.

So Peeps, how is the bag looking so far?

Extra T-shirt or Scarf

Do you know accidents seem to be attracted to you when you have something important going on? Yep, so remember to always carry a scarf or T-shirt with you when you go to an interview. Juice can fall on your shirt or you could be in a taxi with a baby eating ice-cream and it could drip on your clothes. So for little things like these an extra Tee or Scarf can really save your outfit.

Tissues/ Hankies

These are essentials that you must have in your bag when go anywhere outside your house. If you’re like me and you constantly have flu, then you know what I mean. So ladies and gents these have no gender boundaries; we all need them in our bags or pockets.

Hand sanitizer

OK, I will admit that this is optional for some people, but being a germaphobe I have to carry it with me everywhere I go. It is just something that comes in very handy every time. Like, getting sticky hands from accidently touching a door knob that had things you had not seen (maybe someone’s mucus or spit from having sneezed). Just get yourself a hand sanitizer people, trust me it will change your life and the way you view things around you.

Extra cash

No this has to be number One. You need extra cash on you. Not in your bank account but on you! You could easily get lost on your way to the interview and be in need of a taxi if you’re late. You could have misread the interview times and gotten there too early, head over for coffee at a coffee shop because you had left home with no breakfast and you don’t want your tammy making sounds during the interview. So people always carry money on hand for those last minute things that you think you don’t need until you’re there and you realise you actually need them.

Breath fresheners

The name says it all, nobody likes the smell of bad breath so get yourself a TicTac or Mint gum. But once you enter the interview room make sure your mouth is empty. DO NOT CHEW GUM DURING AN INTERVIEW.

Comb/ Cloth to shine shoes

Ladies with weaves you know how the wind can blow it out of style, so get yourself a brush to use before you enter the building. Gents get yourself a shoe cloth to shine your shoes because dirty shoes means sloppy work and no one wants to hire someone who can’t even take care of their shoes.

I can name many more but I think your bag must be full now. I hope you found these tips helpful and I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Written by Phoebe Sibomana

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