Girls: have you ever looked around a shopping mall desperately trying to find a gift that would suit your boyfriend? You know there are many things he’d like, but you know you may not be able to afford them, because let’s face it, quality gifts for guys can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Below I’ll highlight a few interesting gifts that are sure to impress bae and make him feel loved.

1.) Cook for him
Now I know this may seem like the cheap-skate’s way out, but many guys still really appreciate and swoon at a girl who can hold her own in the kitchen. You could create a beautiful little indoor date for the two of you with treats and sweets made by your own two hands. If you’re not the cooking type, watch some YouTube videos and keep it simple. He’ll love the fact that you tried, whatever the outcome may be.

2.) Create a combo pack
If you’re not sure what’ll impress bae, create a gift pack with all his favourite things. They could be his favourite sweets with some biltong, chocolates and other treats, or whatever he likes. Guys tend to like simple gifts that they can either use or eat.

3.) Cologne
Buy a scent that made you think of him, oh, and attach a cute love letter, he’ll love it! This trick also works if you want your guy to stop using strong scented cologne that strings your nostrils and tear your eyes.

4.) Headphones
You can never go wrong with a good pair of earphones or headphones, even if he has a pair already. I mean we all know how fast earphones can be damaged. One day you’re on top of the world, and the next, you’re holding your finger at an angle between your phone and the earphone wire just to get one side to play music….

5.) A love letter
If you’re really cheap (I certainly am), write your man a cute love letter and put it in a bottle. When he gets to the end of the letter, give him a kiss on the lips, I guarantee that he won’t complain about the lack of materialism in your prezzie!

What’s the craziest gift you’ve ever given your guy? And guys let us know, what’s the worst gift a girl has ever given you?