In case you are still waiting for it, summer is here! and there are lots of new trends to lookout for. But, remember to buy only what works for you and not just because it’s the latest trend. This time I will be mentioning all just a few key items that should be on your list for summer.

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Denim Jacket

Denim has been huge in this year’s trends and continues to be going strong for summer trends as well. So get your denim jacket, shirt, dress, skirts and even jeans for a complete summer look. Denim looks fantastic with almost everything and it comes in different shapes, looks and it will really compliment your look for summer. Mix denim with white for a chic clean look or mix denim with dark colours for a summer evening look. It’s versatile and works for everyone; ladies and gents, so don’t be shy to try it on.

70’s skirts

This whole year’s fashion has revolved around the 70’s look. What I have enjoyed wearing and even looking at people dress up and down in are the 70’s inspired skirts. I just think they look fantastic and fabulous to wear out for summer. Most come in A-line form, which means that they cinch-in your waist then loosen at the bottom just above your knees. The skirts looks flattering for most body shapes, so you don’t need to be model-size skinny to wear them.

Beach bag goodies

I hope all of you have been detoxing and getting your fitness on, for those who haven’t yet started checkout the blog Summer Detox Regimen. If you plan on going to the beach remember to bring your beach bag with the following essentials: Swimsuit (and there are lot of really beautiful ones in stores), a shawl, straw hat for ladies and cap for gents, sunscreen and sun glasses. And don’t forget your towel, water bottle, lip ice or Vaseline.

Boho beads

Bohemian beads are really in this summer and it’s a cool trend to dress up or down, I mean who doesn’t like beads. They are some really lovely looking neckpieces which you can use to style your looks and also various bracelets and mood rings to choose from.

Flip-flops and summer dresses

Another thing to keep handy for summer is your maxi dress for ladies and shorts for gents. You don’t always have to buy new things each year, so now that you are packing away winter clothes look at your old summer clothes and see if you can salvage some for this summer. Remember the blog Upcycling, well it’s time to put it to some use. Also, ladies get yourself a caftan if you can, it works really well for summer and also for beach wear. Don’t forget your flip-flops for the beach.

I hope you are all excited and have made plans for summer. And now that you have the basics you can go out into the sun and have some fun. If you have other suggestions, don’t forget to leave them below as comments. #keepittrendi

Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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