This week I want to address 11 issues that completely annoy me that somehow guys think are ‘OK’ to do to girls. I’m like “Why?” Can’t you see it’s not actually fun when you do these things and assume that we girls are OK with it? Stop being so annoying!

Fat or Skinny girl shaming
Guys listen carefully, it’s not funny to fat-shame or skinny-shame anyone especially in their presence. I know sometimes people say things as a joke, but saying that only girls with hour glass shaped bodies are beautiful is really not cool; especially if you are saying this with a group of girls around. It makes you seem like a jerk and you might actually miss the opportunity to meet a really nice girl. So just watch what you say in the company of women.

Stop calling girls when they walk past you on the street. If you have something to say then walk up to her and tell her. I always find this annoying and somehow guys think they are being cute or smart or I don’t know what. But it is seriously annoying and rude. If you have something to say, then come and tell me to my face or leave me alone when I walk past you.

Listen guys, if you really like a girl and you don’t tell her straight, do not get angry when she friend-zones you. You think women are complicated, but so are you to them. A girl might like you, but because you aren’t very expressive or clear about your feelings to her, she might just friend-zone you to protect her feelings. Just like you would; she doesn’t want to be hurt just in case it turns out you actually don’t like her the same way she likes you.

That time of the month theory
OK I have also experienced this, when guys excuse your feeling for being angry at the things they did because it’s “that time of the month” for you. I know that women experience vast emotions during this time. But sometimes they are just plain mad at what you did and not because it’s ‘that time of the month’. So pay attention to what she is saying and not play dumb that it’s because of her periods.

Superman theory
When a girl comes to you with her problems, it’s not always because she wants you to save her. Sometimes she only wants you to listen and be there but not solve her problem. Stop trying to be the hero; sometimes listening is more than enough. If we want you to fight the battle we will let you know.

The Girlfriends
Stop trying to leave or not show up every time her girlfriends are around. You might not like them but they are a part of her and she actually wants them to like you also. So next time you want to avoid being around her friends, remember who will vouch for you when things get tough. If her girlfriends don’t like you or know you, then it might not work-out so well for you in the near future because she actually listens to them more than you think.

Sending inappropriate pictures (Body parts)
Guys, not all girls appreciate it when you send them your inappropriate pictures. It is actually annoying and very disrespectful especially when we tell you to stop and you keep doing it. If we want to see them we will let you know. Don’t assume it’s OK to do it when we haven’t asked for it. It actually puts us off and we might start avoiding chatting to you.

One word answers
This is one of the most annoying thing guys do and as much as you sometimes do it to avoid awkward fights, it can actually lead to more fights. Use your words more. We actually want to hear what you have to say and not make up our own stories with your one word answers, then call us complicated. Gee, you think?

Calling her crazy
Women like to talk and are very expressive about their feelings, but don’t mistake that to being crazy and then tell her. Maybe if you listened more you would actually learn something, instead of assuming because she is expressing her feelings, she is crazy.

Breaking Promises
There is nothing worse than when a guy breaks a promise or not show up when he said he would. The moment you break a promise to a woman, you are forever regarded as untrustworthy. The next time you do it we won’t even blink because we have already labelled you as untrustworthy. So if you know you can’t make it, just let her know. But don’t say you can do it when you can’t or call ahead of time and say you won’t make it.

Guys, you expect us to listen to you talk about your soccer game or PlayStation games, but you won’t give us a second when we try to tell you about our day at the Mall. As much as the topic is boring to you men, when you listen to us, it makes us feel valued and respected.

There are a lot more things that you guys need to work on, but for now I will end here. This is my personal opinion and if you have any comments or questions, let me know.

Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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