With Christmas and new years’ around the corner, many guys are already starting to panic about what gifts to get their girlfriends. What to buy bae depends on many factors, from how long you two have been dating, to what kind of girl she is (whether a tom-boy or girly girl). Below will follow a very generic list of the types of gifts that I, as a girly girl, like to receive. None of these gifts are too pricey, so even if you’re still at school, they’ll definitely be doable. Also check out my Top 5 Gifts for Guys here.

1.) Chocolates/assorted sweets/dried fruits
Most girls love chocolate. It is their go-to pig-out during stressful times. The types of chocolate you can get your girl range from the more expensive Ferrero Rochers and Lindt, to simply creating your own combo pack with all her favourite chocolates and sweets. If she’s not into chocolate, assorted sweets arranged nicely with a little romantic note could work. Should she be really concerned about maintaining her figure, dried fruits and nuts of various kinds will do the trick. You can put them in a nice basket and wrap plastic around the entire gift pack with a ribbon attached to the top, it’ll look really classy.

2.) Bubble bath, lotion and aromatic oils
Every girl loves to smell good, and if you’re unsure about what’ll float her boat, a bubble bath combo pack is a sure winner and a really safe option, also, they’re not that expensive. Buy her the set, put it in a gift bag with a cute note and you’re ready to go.

3.) Handbags
Don’t panic guys, I don’t mean Gucci or Prada, you can get a really nice bag for your girlfriend at any retail store that won’t cost you an arm and leg. If that’s out of your budget, a cute little purse will do the trick.

4.) Hair accessories
Buy her a range of beautiful Alice bands, hairpins and combs. Write her a letter about how much you adore her and her beautiful hair and how even more gorgeous she’ll look in any of the hair knick-knacks you bought her. She’ll love that you actually put a lot of thought into the gift. Girls love receiving presents that they can either eat or use for a long time. This gift works for anyone on a really tight budget.

5.) Teddy bear
A cute, cuddly teddy bear with ‘I love you’ written on is a sure winner. Teddy bears also come in various price ranges and there’s something for everyone.

Well girls, if there’s anything I left out, don’t be afraid to comment. We need to educate these guys!

This blog was written by FunDza’s intern feature writer, Kauthar Gool, read more of her blogs, short stories and Inspiring Tomorrow articles here.