Learning to express yourself is one of the best things that you can do to help your mind destress and relieve yourself from anxiety. We live in a fast-paced world where we are constantly on the move, and with technology and media telling us what we should be doing and what we should be aiming for, you can sometimes find yourself asking the question: “Am I doing enough with my 24 hours?”

But this thinking can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted – panic and stress is not good for your mind. How can you think clearly if you constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed? Well, below I am listing a few tips that will not only help you think clearly, but will help your mind get back on track – helping you live better.

Declutter your mind

This means only store information that you need and will help you in achieving your goals. Stop watching things that will corrupt your mind. Stop reading things that have no benefit to you mentally and intellectually. Stop focusing all your energy on things that will not get you closer to reaching your dreams. Start investing in what will help you in the long run: buy self-help books; switch the TV off; or watch fashion shows if that is your focus. But if you find yourself feeling like what you’re currently doing is not helping to improve your life, then maybe it’s time for a change. Your mind is valuable and what you put in is what you get out of it. So why not invest in things that will assist you in the long run?

Be creative

You need to learn to be creative with the tools that you currently have and not hold off because you are waiting for better tools to come along. You have a brain for a reason. It’s bad enough that scientists constantly tell us that we don’t use half of it, and now you don’t even want to use the other small piece that you have access to?

There are a lot of things that you can do and having access to technology means we have access to each other’s ideas worldwide. So why not take full advantage of it all and make it your own?

Being creative means that you need to actually act on those creative thoughts you have. If you find yourself drawing gorgeous designs, then maybe try and register in a fashion school or design school where you can further develop your skills. If you find that people are always complimenting you on your make-up skills and you love doing make-up, then maybe you need to start looking for courses where you can expand on your make-up skill knowledge. You can even start your own Youtube make-up tutorial vlogs and share your knowledge.

The only way we learn is when we share and expand on what we know. Creativity is not a one way stream, which means that the more you know the more creative you can become. So don’t limit your mind, learn more and share more.

Get educated

The best way to know that you’re going the wrong way is to read the signs, right? But how will you be able to read the signs if you can’t read or don’t even know what sign to look for? Getting an education is vital to your mental health because it expends your thinking and ability to analyse anything you came across. So if given the opportunity, whether it be mainstream education or even using the internet or library to educate yourself, take advantage; as the saying goes “knowledge is power”.

Self-expression daily

Learn to express yourself daily. Fully expressing your thoughts, whether verbally, written or in action, can help you destress and even find your own happiness. Happiness leads to your personal development. You need to learn to say what you think and not hold things in so much. Also learn to do what you say you will do, meaning follow through with your plans. Don’t do things half way and expect the best results possible because you won’t get them.

Mental diet

Lastly, get some brain foods in your diet. A car can’t function without fuel, in the same way your brain can’t fully function as it should without some good, healthy brain foods. Include all or even some of these brain foods to improve your brain function: wholegrains, fish oil for Omega-3 fats, blueberries, tomatoes, vitamins, blackcurrants, pumpkin seeds, broccolis, sage, and nuts.

These foods are guaranteed to help build your brain power. It is important to eat right which means no skipping breakfast if possible, drinking the right amount of water and not overeating. This will help your brain to function well and also help you to better concentrate on what is important to you archiving your goals.


What have you done to help your mind focus and take you to where you wanted to be?

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