Winter is a manic season in any girl’s life. With the cold and precipitation in the air, we often struggle with styling techniques that will stay beautiful throughout the day in any weather.

Below I’ll be highlighting a few funky tips for feeling confident in any weather condition, with both your hair do’s and don’ts.

1.) Braids, Braids, Braids

Braids are relatively easy to maintain. Once they’re in, you can wear them loose, in a bun, a ponytail or even style them tighter for special occasions. If you have a sensitive scalp, I recommend that you used thinner braids, as this will put less pressure on your head and hairline.

Muslim girls-If you are following Shariah Law, synthetic fibres on your head is haraam (forbidden), so you could braid your natural hair into two fish-plaits, cornrows, or any other style that would be comfortable to wear underneath your hijaab and easy enough to undo when you want to change your do.

2.) Wear a beanie/headscarf

Beanies and headscarves have been used to cover up bad hair days for decades. There are so many interesting ways to turn a headscarf, an innovation perfected by both African and Muslim women, that nobody would ever suspect that underneath your beautiful doek, a hot mess lurks…!

3.) Use dry shampoo

If like me, you get really lazy to wash your hair during winter, there’s nothing stopping you from using dry shampoo to refresh your scalp. Dry shampoo can be found in most pharmacies and is a type of spray that you apply to your hair and rub in thoroughly, within minutes your hair will look and feel refreshed and your scalp clean.

4.) Frizz is your friend

Give the hair-straightener a rest and embrace the kinks and curls, who knows, you may learn to love the ‘natural look’.

5.) The Ballerina Bun

There are so many different bun-styles to choose from, that would work with both natural and synthetic hair, whether long or short, that you’d never get bored of this circular twirl.

Well there you have it, folks, these are just a few tips I have learnt from friends and family members. If you have any hints or tips on how you maintain your hair to look fresh for winter, don’t be afraid to comment on the blog and share them with me. Let’s exchange some ideas and look good during the cold months!


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