The Summer vacation is upon us and brings with it a time of renewal and change. It’s the perfect time for all you learners and students to stretch your legs and enjoy this all-too-short vacation period. Below I’ve highlighted a few of my favourite cost-effective, summer activities. Let the frizz loose, let the sun kiss your forehead and enjoy!

• Find a casual summer job
Now although this may seem like the OPPOSITE of fun, earning some extra cash to spend on yourself (or save) can teach you a lot about responsibility and spending your money wisely. You could work a few days a week, meaning that you’d be earning some money, while still having time to enjoy your holidays. There’s no shame in working for KFC, Debonairs or even Pep Stores. You can put the work experience on your CV, which will make it easier to find a permanent job later in life.

• Waterparks
From Muizenburg Water Slides, Water World and Milnerton Waterpark, to name a few, get out there and have some fun on the water. If you live in the Gauteng region, check out Wild Waters in Boksburg, Gold Reef City, Ellis Park Swimming Pool, Linden swimming pool and so many more.

• Visit the movies
If you’re not the out-doorsy type, pop over to the cinema with a few of your friends and have a ball with the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to over. With movies being half-priced on Tuesdays at Numetro, you have no excuse not to join the fun…remember: everyone sneaks munchies inside, so stuff your jackets with pride!

• Spend time at the park
Visiting the park with your friends or girlfriend whilst having a picnic can be a great way to connect with nature and feel like a kid again. Swing on the swings, slide that slide and just enjoy the whimsy and freedom of fresh air, friendly company and, most importantly, snacks! Venues like Wynberg Park or Tokai Forest are also great for braaing and spending time with the family, so eat, play and be merry.

• The beach is always a winner for me!
With Cape Town being a coastal city and its beautiful beaches being a big attraction for both tourists and jaded Capetonians alike, it’s no surprise that our shores will be filled to the brim with families, friends and lovers alike, all enjoying the scorching summer sun. This is, in my opinion, the most cost-effective and fun day out, that coupled with ice-cream and you’re good to go.

• Escape with a book
The joy of reading and trading someone else’s reality for your own and can be really soothing, especially if you’ve come out of a stressful exam period. Reading can be fun and should not only be associated with boring academics. This is also a great way to keep your brain active during your vacation. You can check out some of my favourite reads here. If you’re not really a fan of libraries and physical books, check out the site and read the latest Fanz writing, blogs, articles, poetry and professional stories of various genres, there’s something for everyone.

Please be safe during the festive season and arrive alive!


How will you be spending your summer vacation? Are there any fun activities I’ve left out?

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