You’ve dazzled the person you desire, after days and days of rehearsing in front of the mirror, and you finally manage to ask that special guy/girl out on a date. Droplets of sweat forming on your forehead, heart pulsating as the word ‘yes’ escaped their eager lips. You now have the chance to impress them, so let the games begin…

First dates are notoriously awkward, for both parties. You’re both still sussing each other out, the ice hasn’t broken yet and every move feels forced and stressful.

When you’re at high school, dating should be fun, even if it seems like any wrong move would be the end of the world as you know it. Below I’ll highlight a few dating tips and also ideas you could use to make both you and your prospective girlfriend/boyfriend feel comfortable on your first date.

Keep it simple

Instead of an awkward dinner setting, which could make you both self-conscious, try doing something fun and interactive. Having a simple picnic on the beach, going bowling or spending the day at an amusement park would be a great tool to enable a lot of activity and communication between the two of you, thereby easing some of the anxiety you both most likely have.

If you’re on a budget, a well-planned picnic in the park could work wonders, also showing future bae that you can think out of the box and tried really hard to make them feel special.

Smart-casual usually works

Try not to look over-the-top on your first date, especially if you’re not sure about what the other person has planned for you. Things could get pretty awkward if you show up in a ball-gown with 6-inch stilettoes and your date planned on taking you go-karting or to a water park.

The type of clothing you wear would obviously depend on the type of person you are and your individual taste in clothing, but you should definitely look like you’ve made a bit of an effort, even if your style is quite simple.

If you’re really nervous, ask the person what they’ve got planned for the two of you and dress accordingly. Remember: If he/she asked you out on a date, they probably like you the way you are, just be yourself and have a great time!

Hygiene is important

It is of utmost importance that you, at the very least, take a shower before going out on your date. This should go without saying. Having clean nails and teeth is also very important. No person wants to go on a date with a guy/girl with dirty, caked nails or bad breath, it’s just not cool, people. Also, try not to fart…

Remember to laugh

Let go of your inhibitions and enjoy yourself. Life is not meant to be lived one scornful grimace at a time. Laugh till your tummy hurts, it’s healthy.

Bring your own money

Never assume that the person who asked you out on the date will be paying. Many young couples (being on a tight budget) opt to go Dutch, which means they split the bill 50-50. In my personal opinion, the asker should always pay for themselves and the person they asked on the first date, but hey, that’s just me.

Que serra serra

Whatever will be will be: if you both discover that there’s no chemistry between you, move on. Forcing a spark where there isn’t one will only make you both miserable. At least you can part as good friends, with memories of your date to look back on.

Have any tips to shed those first-date stresses? Comment on the blog and share them with us…!