In 2011, a certain international fashion magazine reported a comeback of the seventies crafts that were showcased on the runway. Crafts have just recently made a comeback in South Africa. A lot of your favourite fashion retail stores have some of these crafted fashion items, mostly crochet tops and dresses.

People tend to think that being in style at the beach is unnecessary; well I think that it is very necessary to keep in touch with your style even if you’re going to the beach. This is not an excuse to wear high heels, chucks or sneakers. Wearing flat sandals or flip-flops is the way to go.

It’s very easy to style a crochet top or dress. Because it is a summer item, it doesn’t take much to get it right. Summer is all about going to the beach and enjoying the sun, having fun with your friends.

Do you have your short shorts in your wardrobe? If you do, it’s about time you took them out. Short shorts are very short. Sometimes they show off your butt cheeks. You totally do not have to wear them if you are not comfortable with showing your butt cheeks, but if you’re going to the beach, why not?

Some people are not comfy with wearing short shorts, bikini bottoms and tops, showing too much skin. If you are that person, then there is a solution for you. Cover up with crochet dress or top. Crochet is net-like, very cool for hot days.

I would suggest that if your swimwear is of a solid colour like black, wear a crochet top of a different colour like white or yellow, to give it that summer style feel to it, but if your bikini is yellow, white or pink, wear a black crochet top. Should you be into a tropical colour swimwear, choose a crochet top or dress that has one of the colours on your swimwear.

Keep it fun and in touch with your style always. Don’t just choose anything and just put it on, it’s not such a bad thing to show that you care about what you wear.

Written by Zikhona Gwadiso


How are you styling your summer?

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