Once again it’s that time for school again. Some of you are just beginning pre-primary school while others are going to high school and for some this will be their final year of high school.

Some of you could be shaking with anticipation or excitement of being able to see your friends, while others could be dreading going back. But we all have something in common. We all have to go back to school.

School, maybe it may not seem like it, but does actually prepare us for life. It teaches you how to manage your time. It teaches you that not everyone is the same and that you may get some people that are nasty towards you but you also get people who are kind and make you laugh.

If I would give anyone advice I would say try not to judge some people too much. I know that’s a hard thing to say as we do, naturally, have the tendency to judge. But trying to not judge can make your life easier and you could make a friend in a person who you thought you had nothing in common with.


If you are anything like me you always say to yourself: “Okay, this year I am going to study ahead. I’m not going to leave everything to the last minute. I am going to buy a diary and be consistent and write all my homework that I have to do. I am going to be organised.”

And if you’re anything like me, that lasts for a week and you end up studying the night before a test and wishing that you could’ve listened to what you said in the beginning of the year.

But I urge you to at least try to make it last for a month rather than a week, I know I will.

Peer Pressure

When you go into high school or even Grade 6 or 7, you begin to understand the world of peer pressure. This is a big thing. Often people feel pressured by other people to try new and exciting things. Some of these things could be fatal to your heal. It is okay to say no. It is okay to stand up for yourself. You are going to be with yourself for a very long time and rather do things that you are going to be happy with or have thought about it first before you jump into it. If you do ever want to try something do it in a safe environment with people you trust. So if you do want to do it again you now have the knowledge of how you are going to behave or act. And yes everyone makes mistakes, but rather make a mistake with people you trust.


In school, not just high school, even in primary, University, Collage; in life, you are going to get people who are going to bring you down. These people are going to say things to you, be horrible to you. A lot of us know them as bullies and throughout life they are going to be there. My best advice, and maybe some that you have heard often, is to talk to someone.

There is nothing worse than keeping it in and letting it eat you up. It’s rather best to talk. Talk to anyone, about anything. Talk to your mom, dad, aunt, gran, grandpa, uncle, your sister, your brother, your teacher. All that matters is that you express to someone how this makes you feel. Let it out, cry, punch a pillow, or go for a run. It is best to get it out of you than feel it destroying you from the inside.

My second piece of advice is to stand up for yourself; tell them that it is not okay. But I urge you not to become violent because then at the end of the day, even if you are angry, you are no better than them. My third piece of advice is to ignore them. I have learnt that they want a reaction from you that is why they do it and it’s best to leave them and ignore them and not let them stop you from achieving your dreams and your education. They aren’t worth it.

In school I know that you want to get good grades and study hard for your future but it is okay to go out with your friends and have fun. It can often help you and you can become more focused as you have given yourself a break.

I hope that you all have a fabulous year!!! I hope it is filled love and laughter and encouragement. 🙂

Written by Trinity Munro


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