Being part of the New York Fashion Week is every fashionista’s dream. It was two weeks ago and as always, it looked really amazing.

I, like most of you, could not attend, but I watched some of the reviews on TV and read about it in the magazines. There are lots of things in-store for us this year, lots of patterns, colour skims and fabrics; so this week’s blog is going to be all about fashion.

Firstly the colour of the year is called Marsala, like the Indian spice. It is a mixture of deep red, burgundy colour, almost like an off red wine colour. It’s very bold, elegant and strong grounded statement colour. This colour will be seen in many make-up sets and some outfits, so be on the lookout for it.

The main pattern for 2015 is what is called Gingham, which is like a tiny checked pattern. It’s nothing new under the sun of cause. A few years ago it was really popular, and people wore pants with the checked pattern (if you still remember those semi-formal pants). The designers this year are really going for the 70s look so if you are interested in knowing more about the look, ‘Google search 70s fashion’.

Another cool item which I am planning on getting is the Kimono Trench coats, even Woolworths has started stocking this item in animal print form. But a Kimono Trench coat is an oversized, flowing coat, in-between a robe or your classic coats. So it’s very soft in material and can be worn with just about anything – from dresses to pants, Tees and just whatever you feel like throwing it over.

The next item I also love and I have been seeing people pull it off nicely, is the Shirt dress. This item can also be worn over anything from pants to leggings and it comes in different fabrics, I want the jeans version. The shirt dress can be worn with flats for a causal look and heels for a semi-causal look.

Leather is coming out big this year. Leather has always been in and I would advise people to own at least one leather jacket as it can be worn with just about anything. I have a leather jacket, which I love and have over worn, so now I need to get a new one. But the leather fashion this year will not only be in jackets, but also the designers are starting to make leather jump-shorts, which is similar to the jumpsuits, but in shorts version.

A very awesome trend which I have always loved is the Bohemian or Boho chic. This year you will find a lot of Bohemian mix in the stores. This look comes in loose form and it’s colourful, but keeping up with the browns and black ‘n whites, lots of patterns. So be on the lookout for this if you don’t already own one. I love it a lot and my friends are always complaining about my arty, boho looks, but it’s a comfortable hippy like style.

All white as some may call it; is really in this year. What I mean by the term ‘All whites’ is when you wear white on white, like white dress with white sandals and white accessories. It’s a very pure, peaceful fashion trend. I think it’s something new and exciting to try out, but be careful as white does sometimes show your figure. Try this trend by mixing different shades of white or fabrics and make it fit into your fashion style.

The next trend is called Wide leg trouser. This trend is not too bad and I think it can work with any body shape, because it basically loose pants, which you can pair with a tight T-shirt in order to maintain your figure. It’s also good to wear these paints with heels as that will elongate you.

The new belt for the year is called Obi belt. It is a medium to wide fabric belt. It is something that you wrap around your waist and tie the knot on your side. It can be worn over a dress, pant, skirt and anything else you might want to wear it with. The key this year is to be comfortable in what you wear. Some of the items on some of the run ways I saw were things that you can literally just walk off the runway and into the streets with. So simplicity is key.

Military green is also going to be big this year, Kanye West’s fashion show, showcased some of this colour. This colour can be worn over anything, so don’t limit yourself to just wearing it over black our safety colour. 🙂

Skirt over Skirt is still in this year and this trend started last year and continues to be big. This is when you wear a short skirt over a long skirt, but you can also buy this look already designed together in stores. It’s a playful way of dressing which can be either formal or casual.

Shoe Trend

This year the shoes are not very different and over the top, also again the theme is comfort. I am seeing a lot of flats, slides, and sneakers this year. A lot of Chunky heels with thick belts and thick platforms. Again you can buy all these in different colours and different shapes.

Gladiator sandals are also back this year, they were big awhile back and as fashion goes the past things became new in season each year. So try and keep something or ask your mom for her old items as they could really work this year.

Men wear

Gents I have not forgotten you, I know this whole blog has mainly been focusing on women fashion, but I thought it would be unfair to live you out.

So in the men fashion trend for 2015, there is a lot of denim on denim and this means denim shirt over denim pants. I personally don’t like this concept too much, but I’m here to tell you what’s in. If you are big on following fashion or a guy who loves looking good, then please try this out and send me a pic on our Facebook page, hopefully if I see how good you look, I might start loving this Trend.

Another big trend this year is wearing the odd jacket/trouser combo, meaning you wear a different colour jacket to your pants as long as they coordinate and this trend is not only limited to colour, you can also try different fabrics.

Athletic Apparel is another trend, but this is not new to the fashion world. This trend includes sneakers, varsity jackets, etc… I’m sure some of you might have this already in your wardrobe from last year.

Graphic Tees are also big this year, and I think this is something that you can play around with and get creative with. You can even buy a plain T-shirt and go and get it branded with something that you like, you don’t always have to buy this in stores.


Lastly, it’s really important when you go shopping to buy key items; I have said this before in my Zero point Zero wardrobe blog and I am going to say it again. Buying key items for your closet will save you money and you will never look out of style in any season. Invest in neutral colours and key pieces of clothing that you can wear with just about anything.

I hope that this blog has been helpful to some of you fashion heads, and if you have any question about some of the items I mentioned, if you didn’t understand the terms, please comment below and I will try to answer you.

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